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Enough is Enough

The United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) has taken full page ads in The Times, Daily Telegraph and Guardian calling for an end to discrimination of its 200,000 plus members.  

Headlined ‘Enough is Enough’, the ad is a personal letter from Dr David Staples, Chief Executive Officer, which reiterates the organisation’s values and highlights how throughout its 300-year history when people have suffered discrimination, Freemasonry has welcomed them into lodges as equals.

Such is the frustration amongst members about the level of prejudice, Dr Staples has also written to the Equality and Human Rights Commission to make its case. 

Dr David Staples, Chief Executive of UGLE commenting says:

This is a first for us, but necessary under the circumstances.  For too long we have been unjustly singled out.  We are an organisation whose whole tenet is about helping individuals become better people, with values of honesty, integrity and service to others.  Membership of Freemasonry is not only positive for them as individuals, but also for society at large.

“Sadly, too many Freemasons have to exercise caution in response to prejudice and discrimination they fear they will face.  We want the day when every Freemason can proudly declare themselves a member of our great and historical organisation without fear of retribution, suspicion or damage.  

“We’re open and happy to talk about anything and today we are announcing a series of sessions up and down the country too and to answer any questions people may have.  I am also welcoming any queries from individuals myself.”


A new Lodge with Square Wheels

Are you a classic vehicle enthusiast and interested in the creation of a new special interest Lodge? Join the informal meeting on Sunday 28th January to find out more ...

Square Wheels

Emulation Lodge of Improvement Annual Festival 2018

Meeting since 2nd October 1823


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Emulation Lodge of Improvement will hold its Annual Festival at Freemasons’ Hall, Great Queen Street, London on Friday 23rd February 2018 at 17.00hrs.
There will be a demonstration of four Sections of the Lectures under the watchful eye of V.W. Bro Graham Redman P.G.SwdB., Dep.G.Sec. The sections to be demonstrated are as follows;

  • Section 4 of the 1st Lecture
  • Section 6 of the 1st Lecture
  • Section 2 of the 2nd Lecture
  • Section 5 of the 2nd Lecture

This year the Provincial Grand Master for Hertfordshire, RW Bro Paul . Gower is to Preside and it is expected that he will be joined by several very senior Brethren from London and the Provinces.

  • Ticket costs £45.00 for Temple and Dining and £10.00 for Temple Only.
  • Dinner will be served at The Grand Connaught Rooms.

This event is open to all Master Masons and Past Masters regardless of Rank or ritual background.Bookings can be made electronically, via the Book Tickets button above. Should you wish to post a Booking Form and pay by cheque, the form can be downloaded here. Please return your form and cheque, made payable to Emulation Lodge of Improvement, to Scott Cargill at the address as shown.

Our mailing address is:

Emulation Lodge of Improvement
45 Windmill Road
London, England W4 1RN
United Kingdom

Birmingham Crisis Centre Grants Make a Big Difference

Following grants by both the Warwickshire Masonic Charitable Association, and the Masonic Charitable Foundation Tercentenary Fund, the Birmingham Crisis Centre opened their new nursery wing in mid-September this year. The new wing has been a major project lasting over two years, and now splendidly completed. The donations by Province and the MCF have largely paid for the interior of the nursery, and have included the provision of all of the equipment shown in the photographs below. Tables, chairs, cupboards, display equipment, and much of the separate kitchen area adjacent to the nursery.

The Chief Executive was very pleased and proud to show us round the new area, where at the present time, the centre is caring for 50 children and their mothers. Now that the nursery is complete, more children in the one to five age range can be cared for than was previously the case.

It was pleasing to see the Masonic Charitable Foundation certificate firmly fixed to the wall, just inside the entrance for everyone to see as they enter the new wing, as shown in the final photograph below. The centre really are grateful for the support of the Province, the MCF and other Lodges and Orders in Warwickshire.

Birmingham Crisis Centre provides a safe haven for up to 23 women and their children in self contained bed-sitting rooms, each with its own kitchen and bathroom. Communal facilities include a residents lounge, laundry, children’s playroom, and outside play area, and of course the nursery. They are almost always at or close to capacity.

The centre has highly trained support workers who understand the needs and vulnerabilities of women who have suffered abuse and support them from the moment they enter this “safe haven” through to starting a new life in a new home. Every financial donation, whatever size, makes a difference to the work they do, and the centre is also grateful for furniture and starter equipment for a new home.


Warwickshire Installed Masters welcome a new APGM

Thursday 30th November saw a full house at the Warwickshire Installed Masters Lodge in Birmingham. W Bro Eric Rymer, Past Assistand Grand Master, the current Worshipful Master opened the Lodge and welcomed the assembled members and visitors, once the formalities were completed he handed over to the Provincial Grand Master, W Bro David Macey, who then asked the Provincial Grand Wardens to take the Warden's chairs.

The Provincial Grand Master then appointed the Deputy Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, W Bro Peter Clarke, to the role of Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies. Peter had little time to take this in, as he immediately took up post for the remainder of the work.

The Provincial Grand Master then addressed W Bro Trevor Sturt, and thanked him for his five years of service as an Assistant Provincial Grand Master of Warwickshire. Trevor has been heavily involved in the Province both before he was appointed as APGM and during his tenure. He worked closely with W Bro Eric Rymer on the 2012 Festival, which was a great success. More recently he represented Warwickshire on the committee for the MFest celebration and a number of other very enjoyable events to mark the Tercentenary of the first Grand Lodge. The Provincial Grand Master thanked W Bro Trevor with approbation, and his contribution was recognised with spontaneous applause from all assembled. The Provincial Grand Master than presented Trevor with a Past Assistant Grand Master Collarette and a silver plate engraved with his achievements. W Bro Trevor was invited to enjoy his retirement from office - but not for too long, there is always plenty of work to be done!

W Bro Trevor Sturt with the PGM
W Bro Trevor Sturt with the PGM
W Bro David Stanford with the escorting party
W Bro David Stanford with the escorting party

Having thanked one Assistant Provincial Grand Master for five years of service, it was then time to install a new one to the role. W Bro David Stanford was then escorted into the Lodge by his son, son-in-law and members of Stoneleigh Lodge. David has served the Province in a number of roles, but is perhaps best known as the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies. The Provincial Grand Master spoke of the contribution that W Bro David has made and that this experienced, energetic and enthusiastive Mason will continue to be a great asset to the Province in his new role. W Bro David was then duly obligated and invested as an Assiatant Provincial Grand Master and greeted by the brethren. Our congratulations to W Bro David and best wishes for his new role.

The Provincial Grand Master then handed the Lodge back to the Worshipful Master and the Lodge Wardens were reinstated. The Worshipful Master then congratulated our newly appointed Assistant Provincial Grand Master.

The Winners of the 2017 Masonic Paper Competition
The Winners of the 2017 Masonic Paper Competition

The winners of the 2016-2017 Masonic Paper Competition were then invited to deliver their papers to the Lodge. Bro Paul Fernandez-Montes of Stoneleigh Lodge No 725 delivered a very interesting presentation on the informal history of Stoneleigh Lodge. This was followed by a presentation on the Lodge Candles by W Bro Ian Slesser of the Lodge of Unity No 567. Both winners were then congratulated and presented with trophies by the Provincial Grand Master.

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