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Classic 300 at the NEC

The Provincial Grand Master at the NEC
The Provincial Grand Master at the NEC
During the weekend of 11 - 13 November the Classic Motor Show at Birmingham's National Exhibition Centre hosted the Classic 300. The Provincial Grand Master, RW Bro David Macey, joined the team at the NEC to promote the Classic 300 events.

To showcase the Tercentenary of English Freemasonry (1717-2017), the Masonic Classic Vehicle Club (MCVC) has planned a series of Classic Car Runs in 2017, to take place throughout England and Wales.

Three areas , namely the South, Midlands and North will each operate a 300-mile Run for 300 vehicles during the period May to October 2017. Each route and additional side “loop” has been selected to include the most high-profile motoring venues/circuits in the UK to illustrate that Freemasonry is outward-looking and open, to appeal to all vehicle enthusiasts, not purely Masonic classic vehicle owners. Each route will encompass as many Provinces (Counties) as possible. Routes will be driven to observe all traffic regulations and laws and will be mainly covered at weekends, not on continuous days, thereby offering all potential entrants the opportunity to take part.

Registration is now open for the events, to find out more and join in you can visit the website at:

Where has all the money gone?

Each year, the Warwickshire Masonic Charitable Association donates sums to a variety of charities – some large, and some very small. With some, our donations go into general funds, but others tell us exactly how we have helped the organisation. Here is a small sample of a few of those where we have received very positive feedback:

St Mary's

St Mary’s Collegiate Church, Warwick

The Beauchamp Chapel is now watertight – we have replaced the roof to the main chapel and repaired or replaced all rainwater channels. This at long last means we can all feel relieved when we have heavy rain.

Happy Days

Happy Days Children’s Charity

141 children from Warwick & surrounding areas aged 11-17, who have either severe or profound and multiple learning difficulties, and many have complex medical conditions will watch a theatre production of Cinderella, and will be looked after by 50 adults. This activity will help to improve their sensory awareness, and their social and communication skills, not to mention having fun & excitement.


Warwickshire & Northamptonshire Air Ambulance

Last week, WNAA completed 22 rescue missions, many of which were in Warwickshire. The helicopter recently flew to a man in the Warwickshire countryside who was involved in a lawnmower accident at the weekend. He had injured his hand with the mower, and was a long way from a hospital with specialist hand care. He was flown to Coventry University Hospital, so that he could get rapid and appropriate treatment for his injury.

Listening Books

Listening Books

Three visually impaired needy people in the Coventry area have had their subscriptions to Listening Books covered for a minimum of twelve months, thanks to the grant received.

Birmingham Children's Hospital

Birmingham Children’s Hospital

Recent advances in technology mean that new X-ray machines are digital and much more efficient, which is vitally important in an emergency situation, when every minute counts. Your support has been a significant contribution in providing a new state-of-the-art digital x-ray and ultrasound machine, which has made a major difference to patient experience. Due to the new system, our hospital will also be able to see more children each hour. The new BCH Star Appeal, will create a new centre for research and treatment of rare diseases, and will be funded by your most recent donations.

The Salvation Army

Salvation Army Birmingham

Your donation enables us to do so much more for the community in and around the West Midlands area. We have again specifically assigned the amount to fund some of our children and youth camps in the summer. This donation will make it possible to be able to make more provision for those families who without it, would not be able to attend.

Molly Olly's Wishes

Molly Olly’s Wishes

We grant individual wishes to children, and your donation will also go towards providing children with a lion that we have produced called “Olly the Brave” and an accompanying book which tells the story of Olly’s experience of being diagnosed and preparing for treatment.   These therapeutic aids are designed to support children undergoing treatment, especially those who have a Hickman line inserted, which is a device used to feed intravenously to obtain blood samples etc.

Scouts - Be Prepared

222nd Birmingham (Wilson Stuart) Disabled Scout Group

Your donations, as you are aware, mean an incredible amount to the group as without the donations, the group would be unable to continue. They will be put to good use for the ongoing requirements of the group to acquire uniforms, neckers, badges, specialist materials and equipment in order that the cubs are able to carry out their activities.

This small sample gives an idea of the help we are providing in our local community. The full summary of our donations this year can be viewed here , totalling almost £150,000.

Any Lodge or member wishing to nominate a registered charity operating within Warwickshire is welcome to contact John Hayward, Provincial Charity Steward, for consideration in the 2017 allocation from the Warwickshire Masonic Benevolent Fund.

The Classic 300

Many of you will be familiar with the plans for the Classic 300 ( 2017, which will be a series of classic vehicle runs across the country, taking in Wales, the Isle of Man and Channel Islands.

The runs will be open to Masons and those with an interest in Freemasonry, driving cars built before 1st January 1997 or future classics accepted as being of special interest.  In some cases motorcycles and commercial vehicles will also be included.

The Classic 300 will start on Sunday 21st May 2017 with a large gathering of vehicles at Windsor Castle – check out the website for full details and for registration.

Classic 300



Ladies Gift Fund Christmas Fayre

The Ladies Gift Fund will be holding the annual Christmas Fayre on Saturday 3rd December 2016, at Linden House, Wolverhampton. Every Lodge should have received tickets from the LGF, and are urged to either purchase the tickets and/or send a donation to the LGF Treasurer. Proceeds of ticket sales/donations can be left for my attention at the Charity Office if easier. All of the tickets have been left for collection at the individual Masonic centres. Attendance last year was lower than anticipated, so please encourage Lodge members to attend the Fayre.

As in previous years, Warwickshire will be operating the Bottle Tombola and other attractions, and to that end I shall be most grateful for donations of any form of bottle – it does not have to be alcoholic, in fact the more variety the better.

Please either bring bottles on the day, or let me have them via the Provincial Office at the Yenton Assembly Rooms. As a last resort, I am even prepared to pick up bottles from your local centre if you are unable to deliver them.

Many thanks in anticipation

John Hayward
Provincial Charity Steward

0121 454 0554


Ladies Gift Fund Christmas Fayre

Masonic Fishing Charity's Warwickshire Branch's autumn event

The Warwickshire Branch of the Masonic Trout and Salmon Fishing Charity (MTSFC) held its autumn event at Warwickshire Fly Fishers waters at Wolvey on 20th October 2016. A Warwickshire school had previously been invited to nominate a group of their students to attend with support from teachers and helpers which the headmaster gratefully accepted as an opportunity for a party of children with special needs to attend for the ‘Catch the Smile’ fishing day.

Group photo at the fishing event

The day arrived.

Bob Croxall, our Treasurer and Catering provider together with his wife Julia had set up the outdoor kitchen and had the bacon cooking in preparation as the Fishermen casters, who were giving up their time to support us, turned up for a breakfast bacon roll from 8.00 a.m. and set up their fishing tackle. The waters had been stocked with trout in the past couple of weeks and with mild weather and no rain anticipation of a great day’s fishing filled the air.

As an unexpected and delightful surprise Trevor Pywell, MTSFC Public Relations Officer arrived to support us as a fisherman caster following contact by his son who is a member of Warwickshire Fly Fishers club but who was unfortunately unable to attend with his father. Ian Hart our Data Barring Service officer was on hand to set up the charity banner on the entrance gate to aid the school bus driver to find us and to ensure compliance with the rules of the charity.

The school mini bus arrived at 10.00 a.m. precisely with teacher Simon in charge of an excited group of ten children eager to get off the transport and make the most of their day. The children were paired up with casters by Ian Hart and supplied with hats, safety glasses, wipes, etc. etc. and set off for their adventure into fly fishing.

The Medal Winners

Lunchtime arrived and while there had been only a few fish caught earlier in the day it was evident that the trout were proving to be elusive. Not to be disappointed the children, helpers and casters all tucked into burgers and treats prepared by Bob and Julia Croxall. Following a short session of fishing after lunch it was time to have the presentations of certificates to each of the participating children which Trevor Pywell offered to present on behalf of the charity and photographed by myself, Nigel Bullimore using Trevor’s impressive photographic equipment. Special presentations of medals were given to three children for personal achievements over the day. To mark the day photographs recording each child receiving their certificate were taken together with those presented with medals as well as a group photograph. Trevor Pywell offered to provide the school with a special bound folder of photographs to record the day.

Certificate Presentation
Certificate Presentation
Certificate Presentation
Certificate Presentation
Certificate Presentation
Certificate Presentation

While only five fish were caught for the children to take home, plus a few catch and release, a fulfilling and enjoyable experience was had by all. The mini bus left filled with excited and exhausted occupants following a day which they are likely to recall for some time after.

Certificate Presentation
Certificate Presentation
Certificate Presentation
Certificate Presentation
Certificate Presentation
Certificate Presentation

Our thanks go to the children attending as well as to their teachers and helpers. It must be said that we could not have put on the event without our casters and our thanks go out to each and every one of them. Special thanks also go to Trevor Pywell for his help and in providing the photographs of the event as well as the special folder of the day’s activities which he has given to the school.

Certificate Presentation
Certificate Presentation
Certificate Presentation
Certificate Presentation
Certificate Presentation
Certificate Presentation

Unfortunately our branch Chairman, Michael Price could not be with us due to health problems and neither was our Area Representative, Eric Rymer able to join us due to business commitments. Days like this cannot be held without finance, so may we thank those lodges within Warwickshire Province for their support and donations to the charity and especially Ian Hart’s talks to lodges in promoting the work of the MTSFC.

If by reading this you would like to help as a caster, either fly fishing or coarse fishing, or as a helper or in any other way we would welcome your involvement and support to ‘Catch the Smile’.

Nigel Bullimore,
Secretary, Warwickshire Branch of MTSFC
Tel. 0121 704 2423
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