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The Acorns Hospice Garden Fete took place in September, and despite a wet start, a splendid day was enjoyed by all concerned.  You may recall that last year, the first cheque for £10,000 was handed over as a result of the PGM’s Famous Five initiative to the Acorns Children’s Hospice HQ in Wythall, Birmingham.


This year, the opportunity was taken to donate a further £10,000 from the Famous Five on the day of the Garden Party.  John Hayward, Provincial Charity Steward handed the cheque to David Strudley, Chief Executive, in front of a large gathering during his address to all present.  Amongst the numerous stalls in operation on the day was a burger stand – the burgers and onions were provided by the Province, with the buns being provided by Simon Beckett of Beckett’s Egg Farm, and were greatly appreciated.


There is a summary of the event on the acorns website – click this link.  Other details can be found on the Acorns facebook pages.


Photographs below show David Strudley receiving the cheque from John Hayward, watched by a pensive DJ, and attendees enjoying the day.  Further Famous Five information will be published shortly.



Warwickshire Masonic Charitable Association

Warwickshire Masonic Charitable Association –

Donations to non-Masonic Charities

Each year, the board of trustees for the Warwickshire Masonic Charitable Association allocates an amount for the year to be donated to non-Masonic Charities within the Province. This year, we were allocated £150,000 which has almost been entirely distributed, and many of the recipient charities are small local organisations, nominated by Lodge members or Lodges. Many references can be found on websites and facebook accounts and other communications media. The charities receiving our donations are always very grateful for your donations, even if we do not always “hit the headlines”.

Please continue to recommend charities that you would like the Province to support, either individually or as a Lodge.

We much prefer to support charities that are recommended to us, and will help whenever possible.

A full summary of the charities supported in 2015 is attached here. The summary can also be found on the Provincial website, under the heading “Our Charities” on the front page.

John Hayward

Provincial Charity Steward


9 September 2015

Masonic Charitable Foundation - A new charity for Freemasons, for families, for everyone.


The Pro Grand Master, Peter Lowndes has announced that a new charity called the Masonic Charitable Foundation is to be established, bringing together the charitable activities of the four existing central Masonic Charities.

At Quarterly Communication of Grand Lodge on Wednesday, 9 September, the Pro Grand Master said: 

The Masonic Charitable Foundation will continue to offer the same support and services to those Freemasons and family members who need help, as well as support for the non-Masonic charitable causes that the Craft wishes to assist.

The Masonic Charitable Foundation will be one of the largest charities in the country and will rely on the generosity of Freemasonry for its funds.

It is anticipated that the Masonic Charitable Foundation will be registered with the Charity Commission as soon as possible and that it will begin making grants from 1 April 2016.  The proposals remain subject to the approval of some existing Charity members.

A shadow board of trustees comprising individuals from the existing Charities is overseeing the creation of the new charity and the transition into a single organisation. 

Further information about the Masonic Charitable Foundation will be made available over the next few months. 

Please visit for more information.

John Hayward, Provincial Charity Steward added the following information:

Until the UGLE Annual Investiture meeting in April, and therefore at this stage, the interim chair of the new charity is R W Bro James Newman (currently President of the RMBI) and the interim Treasurer is W Bro Mike Heenan.

The initial trustee board of the new charity has been selected from trustees currently serving across the 4 central Masonic charities.  They have been chosen to ensure that the charity has access to the relevant skills and experience it will need. 


In the future, trustees will be selected via a rigorous selection process which will be open to all who have the skills and experience required to ensure that the charity is effectively and efficiently managed. Further appointments such as the Deputy will also be made later down the line.

Acorns Hospice Annual Garden Fete 2015


The Acorns Hospice will be holding its annual Garden Fete on Saturday September 12th at its Selly Oak premises – for full details click HERE.

Numerous Stalls, Entertainment & Fun are promised and the Warwickshire Masonic Charitable Association will cover the cost of beef burgers and onions for the event – Simon Beckett of Becketts Farm at Wythall has kindly agreed to provide the burger buns.

The Hospice have asked me to extend this invitation to any of our members and families who are able to attend. 

Please come along and support this local Hospice, which is of course, one of the Provincial Grand Masters Famous Five Charities.

We look forward to seeing you there!



You will recall the announcement by the Provincial Grand Master at the May meeting of Provincial Grand Lodge, that there was to be a new system for Gift Aid envelopes, for Lodge donations to the WMBF and WMCA.  The instructions for this system are contained HERE and have been circulated to all Lodge Almoners and Charity Stewards by email.  

The nominated centre contacts for distributing the new Freemasons Grand Charity envelopes and forms will be taking them to each centre, and will remove all of the former WMBF & WMCA envelopes.   Royal Arch and Mark envelopes should not be removed – other orders are working to different timescales.   If Lodge members are personally holding any of the former style envelopes, please destroy them.  When additional envelopes are needed, they can either be obtained through me or by a phone call to the FGC.    Please use the new envelopes and system for WMBF and WMCA charity collections immediately they are received.

Within the procedures are digital examples of the FGC forms – these have also been sent to Lodge Almoners and Charity Stewards.  The overprinted paper forms and the digital versions are the same, and either can be used, as described. 

All Lodge members should be aware of the changes that are taking place, and it must be emphasised that Lodge donations to WMBF and WMCA are still in the hands of and controlled by the Province, even though Freemasons Grand Charity envelopes are being used to obtain the Gift Aid.

Any enquiries regarding this procedure should be addressed to John Hayward, Provincial Charity Steward at the Charity Office – 0121 454 0554 or using email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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