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70 Years and Counting

A very special occasion took place at the University of Birmingham Lodge 5628 when W Bro Michael Roper-Hall, Past Provincial Senior Grand

Warden, Certificate of Merit, received a certificate and badge to mark his 70th year as an active Freemason from the Provincial Grand Master, RW Bro David Macey.

Full details of the meeting, which included a presentation of the first degree tracing board by the PGM and Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies W Bro Philip Hall, can be seen on the lodge’s website here .


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Fletcher Seniors Score 200

At their meeting at the Solihull Masonic Centre in Knowle, the members of Fletcher Lodge 1031 welcomed Assistant Provincial Grand Master W Bro Trevor Sturt, who presented a 50 year Service to Freemasonry Certificate to Honorary Member W Bro A John S Neale, who was initiated into the Lodge in 1964 and became Master in 1977.

Also present were long standing members W Bros Norman F Webber (39 years), Anthony J Wall (51 years) and Claude E Barnwell (60 years), who with John have given an amazing total of 200 years service to the lodge between them. This nearly reached 250 years, but sadly W Bro Harry Whomersley passed to the Grand Lodge above last year after receiving his 50 year presentation in 2012.

(l-r) Trevor Sturt, John Neale

(l-r) Norman Webber, Tony Wall, Claude Barnwell, John Neale

Making a Splash

Pupils at the leading Wilson Stuart School, which provides educational facilities for those with special needs, located in Perry Common, Erdington, in the North of Birmingham, have revelled in a brand new interactive water activity facility funded by Warwickshire Freemasons. The facility, which was purpose built by specialist equipment supplier Playforce, encourages the students to combine recreational use with educational problem solving in an enjoyable and entirely safe environment.

As a thank you for the donation, the school’s Deputy Head Teacher, Simon Harris kindly hosted the Provincial Charity Steward, W Bro John Hayward and the Provincial Communications Officer, W Bro Peter Wellings on a guided tour of the school. This included seeing the new water activity in action within the school’s comprehensive outdoor activity area and proved to be a very moving and rewarding experience.

The opportunity to assist the school was discovered via the Lodge of Faith and Hope 4772, whose members have for several years supported the school’s Cub unit.

Simon also very kindly sent details to the local newspaper, resulting in a splendid article which can be seen here, reproduced by kind permission of the Sutton Coldfield Observer.

Further information about Wilson Stuart School can be seen at

Here, the children have to assemble the pipes and tubes to ensure their feet stay dry

and here, enjoying exactly the opposite!

50th in 8990

The Master of Heartland Lodge 8990, W Bro Anthony Pointing, gave a hearty welcome to all present at their meeting in the chapel at Guy’s Cliffe, Warwick,  when the lodge hosted the presentation of a 50 Year Service to Freemasonry Certificate to W Bro John Durling, PProvSGW, by Assistant Provincial Grand Master W Bro Trevor Sturt.

Born in Ruislip in 1935, when driving tests and the 30mph speed limit were first introduced, and well remembering the war years during his time there, John soon became hooked on football, becoming a devoted follower of Chelsea FC and after trials became a member of their youth academy.  Sport has always been his passion and shortly after becoming an apprentice toolmaker in 1951 he took up cross country running, often outpacing professional runners.

In 1946 he joined Scouting, becoming a Queen Scout in 1953 and was in the parade at Windsor Castle in front of  Queen Elizabeth II. 

After marrying Heather in 1961 and moving to Maidstone, John took up cricket, then in 1962 he joined Sandvik UK as a Salesman, becoming Manager of the Midlands in 1971 when he moved to Kenilworth.

In 1964 he joined Hearsall Golf Club in Coventry. This coincided with the arrival of their first daughter Anita, followed by Louise in 1973 who has recently produced a grandson for them.

In 1980, he moved into Computer aided Design and Manufacturing and soon made his mark with Prime Computers of Boston, USA.

John was initiated into Lodge of Perseverance 1743 (meeting in London) where most of the members also belonged to Livery Companies. He became the Lodge’s 100th Master fourteen years later, with the  Anniversary being attended by many senior freemasons of the day.

Having been the Founding  Master  of Meridian Lodge 9003, where he was Master in 1981, 1982 and 2009, John was also Master of Priors Lodge 8265 in 1988 and was appointed Provincial Grand Steward in 1987, followed by successive promotions to his present rank in 2013.

He is also a member of five Royal Arch Chapters and has given active service to the Provincial Grand Chapter, as well as holding high office in several other Orders.

After offering many congratulations and best wishes, the Assistant PGM presented John with his Certificate and Badge of Service, which was followed by a magnificent Proclamation by the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, W Bro David Stanford.

A most enjoyable ”Burns”  festive board then took place, at which W Bro “Doc” MP Halliday was Piper.

(l-r) Trevor Sturt, John Durling, Anthony Pointing

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