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Inspiration for Masters and Wardens

Inspiration for Masters and Wardens

Sep 24 2012 9:49 PM

Over 220 brethren attended the annual Masters' and Wardens' Dinner at The Clarendon Suites, Edgbaston, following which the Provincial Grand Master, RW Bro David Macey wished the incoming Master/Warden teams all good fortune for their forthcoming year.

He outlined their responsibilities and gave a variety of tips and hints to help ensure they had a thoroughly enjoyable and successful time in office, and pointed out that several Lodges were sucessfully promoting themselves via their websites. Also, that Master Masons were now able to visit the quarterly meetings of Grand Lodge in London, and encouraging support for the 60th Ladies' Gift Fund Christmas Fayre at The Clarendon Suites on 17th November which was to be opened by the Assistant Grand Master, RW Bro David Williamson and his wife.

The Provincial Information Officer, W Bro Peter Wellings reported on the Lodge Information Officer programme, forthcoming website training seminars and the ongoing need for news articles and advertising in the newsletter. He also announced that Bro Ian Slesser had established Twitter and Facebook media networking for Warwickshire Freemasonry, following which W Bro David Leask gave a brief outline of "social media" and invited volunteers to help with our own activities.

An entirely spontaneous question and answer session was conducted by the PGM, during which he emphasised the strength of the Province, the need to keep up with modern times without jeopardising our traditions and principles, and the importance of energy, honesty, enthusiasm and commitment. A new core booklet Freemasonry - what's it all about? produced by Grand Lodge gives several examples of how this may be achieved. Copies of the booklet have been distributed to all Lodge Information Officers for onward distribution to their members, and printed copies are available from the Provincial Office. It can also be downloaded from the Provincial and UGLE websites.

The Deputy Provincial Grand Master, VW Bro Alan Wellan thanked the PGM for his inspirational presentation, for reminding everyone of so many important elements of Freemasonry, and for sharing his vision and thoughts for the future.

Provincial Information Team members David Leask (l) and Ian Slesser

Investiture and Installation for APGMs

Investiture and Installation for APGMs

Oct 30 2012 10:33 PM

The last meeting of Warwickshire Installed Masters’ Lodge 4538 saw a busy programme, with one Assistant Provincial Grand Master being Invested into Office and another being Installed as Master of the Lodge.

The outgoing Master, RW Bro David Macey, Provincial Grand Master, thanked the members for accommodating the needs of the Province, explaining that any abbreviated workings were entirely for that reason, and would certainly not traduce the Lodge traditions and customs. In his capacity as Provincial Grand Master he then invested W Bro Trevor H Sturt as an Assistant Provincial Grand Master (Trevor’s profile can be seen here as a pdf document or here as a web page) in a relaxed yet dignified manner, following which he announced the appointment of W Bro David Holloway as Provincial Grand Registrar and W Bro Garry Malpas as Provincial Assistant Grand Secretary, thanking W Bro Andy Hardy for all his support in that capacity.

In an almost seamless switch back to being Master the PGM then welcomed seven joining members into the Lodge, after which W Bro Nigel Bister, AsstPGM, presented W Bro John Emms, AsstPGM, Master Elect, who the PGM Installed as Master in a likewise dignified manner.

After appointing his Officers, presenting the Immediate Past Masters’ Jewel and receiving the unique Master’s Collarette (the envy of many other Provinces) originally gifted by brethren from the Irish Constitution the new Master then addressed the brethren.

His theme was “Back to the Future” and he expressed the need to look carefully at our outlook as our tercentenary celebrations approach. Freemasonry was now more open than ever, especially due to the Internet, but it was important for members to understand the fundamental principles and objectives of our Lodge activity, which would only be achieved through ongoing research and instruction.

The programme for the forthcoming year continues to provide this for all members and guests, with the Deputy Grand Master addressing the Lodge in November, a further catechetical Lecture being delivered next March and a progress report on Prostate Cancer given by Professor Colin Cooper next June.

W Bro John concluded by emphasising the importance of education via enjoyment and encouragement, now embraced under the umbrella of mentoring, and the need to take into account individual circumstances. Gone were the days of stentorian Past Masters and Preceptors!

The PGM thanked W Bro John for his positive and stimulating address, and expressed his delight that the Lodge would be taken forward in such a fine manner.

John Emms (l) and Trevor Sturt

Last Call for Black Country Friendship

Last Call for Black Country Friendship

Apr 18 2012 8:18 PM

As the deadline for bookings rapidly approaches, all freemasons are reminded of their invitation to the special gathering of Friendship Lodges which will be held at The Clarendon Suites on Saturday 5th May.

A special feature of the event will be a "Light hearted re-enactment of the Ceremony of Initiation" by the renowned Black Country Heritage Lodge.

click here for further details

Last Post

Last Post

Nov 29 2012 1:53 AM

The annual Remembrance Service held at Stirling Road was attended by nearly 200 freemasons, their families and friends, including several past and present members of the armed forces, the Scouts, and members of the Royal Arch Lodge Representatives' group who were meeting in the building that morning.

This moving service, which included messages of remembrance from five different faiths, was led by the Provincial Grand Master, RW Bro David Macey, and conducted by the Provincial Grand Chaplain W Bro John Cowan and Provincial Assistant Grand Chaplain W Bro Paul Wheeler. The Last Post was bugled at exactly 11.00am by W Bro Norman Blackburn of Concord Lodge 3239, followed by two minutes silence and Reveille.

Wreaths and tributes were placed by the PGM, the Deputy and all of the Assistant PGMs, as well as leaders of different orders and several other members of the congregation, including our own ex-servicemen.

(l-r) Ken Wilkinson, Rory & Ian McCloskey, Capt. Patrick Wood, John Cowan,
          David Macey, SAC(T) Adam Wills, Norman Blackburn, Phil Worton.

In Atherstone, the Master of Athelstan Lodge 1333 W Bro Robert Evans, with a number of other brethren, marched with representatives of other Atherstone-based organisations to the Memorial Hall where a service was held.

Details can be seen here

Lesson from Lodge of Instruction

Lesson from Lodge of Instruction

Apr 17 2012 10:12 AM

The Provincial Grand Master, RW Bro David Macey presided at the General Lodge of Instruction's 94th Annual Festival, which was also attended by last year's President, Deputy PGM VW Bro Alan Wellan as well as 60 other brethren.

The evening consisted of brethren below the Chair opening and closing the Lodge in all three degrees along with the working of the 1st, 4th, 6th and 7th sections of the First Lecture, which they presented with great aplomb.

The Provincial Grand Master complimented the brethren along with the Preceptors for what he felt was a masonic treat for all those present. He particularly congratulated the junior brethren who took part in the lectures.

The respondent to the visitors toast was W Bro Monte Engleson who was the farthest travelled visitor, having clocked up 3700 miles to be at the Festival, from the Province of British Colombia and Alaska. He had come to see his nephew Bro Jonathan Herrick from the Fire Service Lodge 8401 perform as Senior Warden.

Any Brother interested in joining the General Lodge of Instruction 587, which is the only Lodge of Instruction in Warwickshire recognised by the Emulation Lodge of Improvement in London, should contact W Bro Mike Hogarth at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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