Provincial Grand Lodge of Warwickshire

Annual Church Service

Nov 10 2011 8:21 PM

Pouring rain could not dampen spirits at the Annual Church Service, which once again filled the Collegiate Church of St Mary, Warwick, with the congregation embracing the theme of "Promoting Joy and Happiness through our Freemasonry".

The Deputy Church Warden, W Bro Patrick Wilson, welcomed the congregation, and the Provincial Grand Master, RW Bro David Macey, thanked everyone present for attending, apologised for the weather, then paid tribute to the Church Organist Ruaraidh Sutherland who was shortly moving to New York after playing at our service for many years.

Conducted by the Provincial Grand Chaplain W Bro John Cowan, assisted by the Assistant Grand Chaplain W Bro Paul Wheeler, the service included representatives from five World Faiths (pictured) relating their message of Promoting Joy and Happiness through our Freemasonry, as well as offering blessings from their individual faiths. Lessons were read by VW Bro Alan Wellan, Deputy Provincial Grand Master, and the Provincial Grand Master, with the Provincial Choir, conducted by W Bro Roy Marshall, demonstrating its professionalism both before and during the service by singing rousing anthems, as well as a delightful Gaelic Blessing at the end of the service.

The Sermon was given by the Vicar of St Mary's Collegiate Church, Rev Dr Vaughan Roberts, who thanked the Provincial Grand Chaplain for the opportunity to address the congregation, and for conducting the service. He pondered whether Joy and Happiness were one and the same, mentioning famous cynical and sceptical views heard over the years, and referred to associated parables and stories. Joy and Happiness are part of the Soul in a complete life, just as families, freemasonry, churches and other groups all form part of a bigger picture.

Finally, after the National Anthem had been sung, the Provincial Grand Master and Mrs Sandra Macey were escorted to the church doorway, where they joined The Clergy in bidding farewell to members of the congregation as they departed.


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