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Following grants by both the Warwickshire Masonic Charitable Association, and the Masonic Charitable Foundation Tercentenary Fund, the Birmingham Crisis Centre opened their new nursery wing in mid-September this year. The new wing has been a major project lasting over two years, and now splendidly completed. The donations by Province and the MCF have largely paid for the interior of the nursery, and have included the provision of all of the equipment shown in the photographs below. Tables, chairs, cupboards, display equipment, and much of the separate kitchen area adjacent to the nursery.

The Chief Executive was very pleased and proud to show us round the new area, where at the present time, the centre is caring for 50 children and their mothers. Now that the nursery is complete, more children in the one to five age range can be cared for than was previously the case.

It was pleasing to see the Masonic Charitable Foundation certificate firmly fixed to the wall, just inside the entrance for everyone to see as they enter the new wing, as shown in the final photograph below. The centre really are grateful for the support of the Province, the MCF and other Lodges and Orders in Warwickshire.

Birmingham Crisis Centre provides a safe haven for up to 23 women and their children in self contained bed-sitting rooms, each with its own kitchen and bathroom. Communal facilities include a residents lounge, laundry, children’s playroom, and outside play area, and of course the nursery. They are almost always at or close to capacity.

The centre has highly trained support workers who understand the needs and vulnerabilities of women who have suffered abuse and support them from the moment they enter this “safe haven” through to starting a new life in a new home. Every financial donation, whatever size, makes a difference to the work they do, and the centre is also grateful for furniture and starter equipment for a new home.


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