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The brethren of St Peters Lodge are once again going north of the border to visit Lodge St Bryde for their installation. Book in with W Bro Martin Parrack at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Lodge St Bryde

Invite to join the 99th Festival of Instruction



Recognised as No.30 on the Emulation Lodge of Improvement Register

Presents its

99th Festival of Instruction

to be held at

Severn Street

Severn Street Masonic Hall, Severn Street, Birmingham, B1 1QG

6.00pm, Wednesday 23rd May 2018

All under the Presidency of

W Bro David A. Stanford PSGD, Assistant Provincial Grand Master

   Brethren, FC’s and above are welcome to witness this demonstration of Emulation Ritual.

          The Ceremony of Passing including the Extended Tracing Board.

A 3 course Dinner will follow the Demonstration at a cost of £25.00 per person (including wine)

To attend and stay for Festive Board, please contact the Secretary (details below) no later than Wednesday 9th May 2018

Full Dress or Undress Regalia may be worn [no gloves] and please arrive in good time to assist administration.

Secretary: W.Bro. G.G. Stevens 98 Olton Road, Shirley, Solihull, B90 3NN

Tel: 07709-996787 / [H] 0121-682-0703

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Forest of Arden Lodge celebrates 100 years

Forest of Arden

A special meeting was held at Solihull Masonic Temple, Knowle on Wednesday 18th April to celebrate the Forest of Arden Lodge, No 3826 achieveing 100 years of uninterupted Freemasonry. With W Bro Stuart Jenkins in the chair, the members of Forest of Arden Lodge were joined by the Provincial Team and many visitors from near and far filling the Lodge with a wonderful atmosphere for what turned out to be a very special evening.

Provincial Team

The Provincial Team ready to escort the PGM into the Lodge

The Provincial Grand Master, RW Bro David Macey, together with the Provincial Grand Wardens, opened the Lodge and congratulated the members of Forest of Arden Lodge in reaching this significant milestone in their history. He also asked those assembled to take a moment to remember the courage and wisdom of the founders of the Lodge back in 1918. Having completed the opening a column was formed to escort the centenary warrant into the Lodge, in the very safe hands of the Provincial Grand Secretary, W Bro Mike Reeve, who then proceeded to read the warrant. Once read, the warrant was presented to W Bro Stuart Jenkins, the current master of Forest of Arden Lodge.

The Provincial Grand Chaplain, W Bro John Cowan, delivered an address on the foundations of the Lodge, looking back to the events of 1918, marking the end of what was then considered to be the war to end all wars. The centenary of the Lodge being shared with other centenaries in 2018, including the formation of the Women's Royal Army Corp, the Royal Air Force and votes for Women in the UK. 1918 was a great time of expansion for Freemasonry in England as returning soldiers sought a place where tradition and principal were honoured and Freemasonry became a rock of salvation after the war.

The Provincial Grand Master delayed handing the Lodge back to the Worshipful Master mometarily in order to confer a field promotion on W Bro John Walford to Past Provincial Senior Grand Warden. This was a snap decision as the PGM recognised the very special nature of W Bro John and decided that it merited recognition. This was a surprise to all, but to none more that the Provincial Director of Ceremonies, who managed to deliver a flawless proclamation of the promotion with only a few seconds notice, true professionalism on display!


W Bro John Walford with the Provincial Grand Master and W Bro Stuart Jenkins

Following the promotion of W Bro John, the Lodge was handed back to the charge of W Bro Stuart Jenkins and the minutes of the consecration meeting and the consecration oration were read. The first Master was W Bro Samuel Foster, a Past Master of St Paul's Lodge, No 43. The consecrating officer of the Lodge was Colonel W F Wyley VD DL PGD, the then Deputy Provincial Grand Master and Provincial Grand Master desgnate. Col Wyley had previously been the Mayor of Coventry and the Sheriff of Warwickshire. W Bro Stuart went on to give an engaging comparison of the summons at the consecration, the 50 year point and the 100 year celebration.

Minute Book

The minutes of the Consecration Meeting in 1918

To close the Lodge the Worshipful Master invited the current Master of St Paul's Lodge, No 43 to take the Senior Warden's chair and the current Master of Shenstonian Lodge, No 5544 to take the Junior Warden's chair. St Paul's being the mother Lodge of Forest of Arden Lodge and Shenstonian Lodge being one of the daughter Lodges. This was particularly poignant as W Bro Stuart Jenkins is a Past Master of all three lodges, having served as Worshipful Master of Forest of Arden Lodge in 2000, St Paul's in 2004-2006, and Shenstonian Lodge in 2014-2016.  This year making a round 6 years as Worshipful Master in the family of Lodges.

Group Photo

Members of the Lodge, the Provincial Team and Visitors

Following the meeting the festive board was enjoyed by all, with specially engraved firing glasses for all to commemorate the occasion. The Lodge and the Worshipful Master were congratulated on the success of the evening and for being part of the 100 year journey the Lodge has taken so far.

Festive Board

Enjoying the Festive Board





The Universality of Freemasonry


The Lodge of Justice, No 5092 recently hosted an overseas visitor from Singapore on a visit back to his home city of Birmingham.

Dr Manjit Pawar, MBChB, B Med Sci(Hons) , FRCP(Edinburgh), MRCP(London) is the Director of Medical Intensive Care and Consultant Intensive Care and General Medicine at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital in Singapore. 

He interrupted his return journey, having been to Belgium for a Medical Conference, to stop off, and pre-arrange the visit to The Lodge of Justice, as we happily had our March Meeting on a convenient date for him.

This was truly a team effort, as the approach by Bro Manjit Pawar, was picked up by The Executive at Severn Street Masonic Hall, and passed on to The Lodge of Justice.

The Worshipful Master recruited the Past Masters of the Lodge to demonstrate a 3rd Degree ceremony and agreed to enhance the Festive Board to give a ceremony and meal that would be remembered. 

The Past Masters did not let him down. 

Connections were made to ensure protocol was observed in ‘proving’ the visitor. These arrangements were facilitated by the W Bro Darren Desker, Secretary of his mother lodge, which is a Lodge of Research and is one of 8 meeting in Singapore, Centenary Lodge No. 7629 (EC), Eastern Archipelago, 

W Bro Darren provided all the necessary information, certification and paperwork to enable a relaxed visit. This event is now recorded in our Minute Book for posterity.

W Bro Darren called Bro Manjit a ‘’Remarkable young Mason’’ and this event a fine example of ‘The Universality of Freemasonry’, also suggested by W.Bro Darren, and we absolutely concur. 

It would not be overstating the event to say Bro Manjit has now indicated his interest in joining The Lodge of Justice once his work abroad is concluded and he and family return to these shores.

He replied to the Visitors Toast with warmth and generous praise, and he has also offered reciprocal visiting to his Lodge and would be pleased to host any UK Masons.

Frog racing with St. Blaise?

The closing date for the annual Lodge of St. Blaise frog racing evening has been extended to 20th April - book in now to secure your place at this memorable evening.

To book contact:

  • W Bro Pete Woodfield – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 07966 296320
  • W Bro Jonathan Amies – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 07710 811134

Frog Racing

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