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Dunsmore invites you to supper and the theatre

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Invites you to an

Early Supper and Theatre Night


13 June 2016 starting at 5.30pm

The Early Supper will commence at Arnold House, Rugby at 5.30pm

Followed by the Theatre Night at Rugby Theatre, commencing at 7.30pm

If you would like to attend, please complete the attached booking form.


The 98th General Lodge of Instruction Festival

Severn Street Masonic Hall welcomed brethren from far and wide on Thursday 12th April 2016 for the General Lodge of Instruction Festival. The evening was very well attended by brethren from Fellowcraft to Grand Officers and every stage in between which made for a very convivial and informative gathering. The President for the evening was W Bro Reynolds a very experienced and highly respected Freemason, but the stars of the show were those brethren who treated all who attended to an exemplary display of some of the ritual which is rarely seen in everyday lodges.

Bro Alan Johnson and Bro Carl Symonds
Bro Alan Johnson and Bro Carl Symonds

The principle officers for the evening were W Bro Sean Lambert in the masters chair, Bro Alan Johnson and Bro Carl Symonds, who fulfilled the roles of Junior Waren and Senior Warden respectively. All of the officers, including the junior brethren in the warden's chairs demonstrated their offices admirably and did so with confidence and style.

The business of the evening was delivered by three further members of the General Lodge of Instruction, W Bro John Alder who delivered the first section of the first lecture, W Bro Jonathan Herrick who delivered the seventh section of the first lecture and W Bro John Emms who delivered the explanation of the first degree tracing board. All of the ritual was delivered with appropriate emphasis and real sentiment, making each piece a joy to listen to as well as being an advancement in Masonic knowledge.

W Bro Alder, W Bro Hogarth, W Bro Lambert, W Bro Norman, W Bro Emms and W Bro Herrick
W Bro Alder, W Bro Hogarth, W Bro Lambert, W Bro Norman, W Bro Emms and W Bro Herrick

The festive board was equally enjoyable with the mix of brethren leading to new friendships being formed and reciprocal visits being arranged, the President's chosen charity for the evening was Children in Need and between the assembled brethren and a donation from the General Lodge of Instruction a fantastic £400 was raised for this worthy cause.


The General Lodge of Instruction is a vibrant and enjoyable way to meet new people whilst learning the deeper meaning of our ritual and is highly recommended for all brethren. This is a testament to the Preceptors who keep the Lodge in line and impart their knowledge and experience to all. Pictured here from left to right are W Bro John Alder (Preceptor), W Bro Mike Hogarth (Preceptor), W Bro Sean Lambert, W Bro John Norman (Preceptor), W Bro John Emms (Preceptor) and W Bro Jonathan Herrick.

Freemasons join in the Shakespeare celebrations

Fifty thousand people flocked to watch the parade through Stratford-upon-Avon which marked the 400th anniversay of the death of William Shakespeare. The parade was held on 23rd April, which was Shakespeare's birthday making the occasion a joyous celebration.

W Bros Goodyear and Barry representing the Stratford Masonic Hall Co
W Bros Goodyear and Barry representing the Stratford Masonic Hall Co
The Masonic shield and Flag
The Masonic shield and Flag
Freemasonry was represented in the flag raising ceremony and parade by W Bros Malcolm Goodyear and Mike Barry, directors of the Stratford Masonic Hall Co. acting on behalf of the three lodges and numerous orders that meet at the Great William Street Masonic Hall.

They unfurled a flag specially designed for the occasion, as shown on the shield in the accompanying photo, and then processed together with all the other dignitaries of the town to Holy Trinity Church where they presented their magnificent posies at Shakespeare’s grave. The posies were made by Mrs Pat Broughton, wife of W Bro John.

It is hoped that at future anniversaries, participation will continue. It might even be possible for regalia to be worn to emphasise further Masonic openness.

Pantomime on Masonic Festival night

Coventry Lodges held their 6th Festival of Fellowship evening on the 12th April as a fund raising event for their annual Pantomime for Special Children. The evening was highly successful in raising not only a “Lot a Lot a Laughs” but also in raising £900 on the evening, £2,500 in cheques and pledges mainly from Coventry Lodges and others in the area plus £2,000 from the Province towards the overall costs of the Pantomime which is approximately £6,000.

Pantomime on Masonic Festival night
Pantomime on Masonic Festival night

Worshipful Master for the evening was our President V W Bro Michael Morris the Deputy Provincial Grand Master and all of the offices were occupied by either the Master or his representative from each Coventry Lodge. The main item of business for the meeting was “to have fun” and this was complemented by an excellent presentation by the General Lodge of Instruction, No 587 of the 7th section of the first lecture from the Green Book on “All things you didn’t know or understand in the 1st Degree”.

The Pantomime this year will be held on the 7th December at the Standard Triumph Club when it is anticipated we will entertain 550 of Coventry and Warwickshire’s special children and 150 carers from 13 schools. Each child will see Father Christmas and receive a “goodie bag”.

The theme of “having fun” was continued at the festive board with celebrations of the Queens 90th birthday and songs from rural England. The toast to the President included the re-enactment of the death of the Black Prince by the Coventry Mummers – quite what that had to do with anything we are not quite sure – but anything can and usually does happen at these fellowship Pantomime nights or is it Knights !

On behalf of the Pantomime Committee and all the children who benefit from this Charity Event we would like to thank the Coventry and Warwickshire Lodges and Freemasons who contributed and also joined in the Fellowship, all helping to make the evening such a great success.

On behalf of all the organising team.


Israel 1474 travel to Jerusalem to twin with Holy City Lodge

Members of Lodge of Israel 1474 travel to Jerusalem for a twinning event with Holy City Lodge

On Sunday 20th March W Bro Eric Rymer, W Bro Mike Gold and W Bro Jonathan Gouldman representing the Lodge of Israel 1474 in Birmingham travelled to Jerusalem for a twinning event with Holy City Lodge No 4.

They flew from Birmingham to Frankfurt and after a short layover on to Ben Gurion Airport, Israel. Following a somewhat manic taxi journey to Jerusalem they arrived at their hotel, The Little House at Rechavia which was delightful and situated just to the rear of the Official residence of the President of Israel……so lots of security.

The Masonic Temple in Jerusalem
The Masonic Temple in Jerusalem
On Monday they walked round the city for hours and eventually found the Masonic meeting rooms where the twinning meeting was to be held that evening. It was not quite as expected and was in fact tucked away in a small building up an alleyway in the centre of the main shopping area.

The entrance to the Masonic Temple

The meeting was in fact, the installation meeting of Holy City and was attended by many Grand Officers from The Grand Lodge of the State of Israel.

The team were made very welcome from the outset and quickly made to feel very much “at home” in the Lodge room. The meeting commenced with an exchange of letters patent between the two lodges and an exchange of gifts. The Worshipful Master of the Lodge of Israel, W Bro Jonathan Gouldman, presented the installing Master, W Bro Asher Samuels with a suitably engraved miniature set of working tools and he reciprocated with Masonic plaques to commemorate the visit. Each member was also presented with Warwickshire lapel pins.

The installation of the new Master then took place and was similar in many respects to the installation ceremony in England, but with some interesting differences.

Following the meeting all walked to a local restaurant for an excellent festive board following which the usual toasts were made and received and W Bro Mike Gold, who was mainly responsible for arranging the trip, responded to the visitors toast.

It really was a fantastic experience and the visitors discussed the night’s events for some hours afterwards.


Church of the Holy Sepulchre
Church of the Holy Sepulchre
The Old City from The Mount of Olives

Via de La Rosa and the 12 stations of the Cross

W Bro Michael Gold writes, “On Tuesday we arranged a tour of the Old City and were lucky enough to find an excellent guide who took us to The Mount of Olives from where you get a panoramic view of the Old City. He then walked us through, the Jewish, Muslim and Armenian Quarters of the city viewing on the way, King David’s Tomb, The Church of the Holy Sepulchre, The Room of the Last Supper and the Wailing Wall amongst much much more. It was a truly magical day.

Michael and Eric at the Wailing WallMichael at the Wailing Wall

“On Wednesday Eric & I went to the Israel Museum which was a short walk from our hotel through a large park and past the Knesset, the Israeli Parliament. The museum is just phenomenal, housing the Dead Sea Scrolls and many displays from ancient Rome, Egypt etc. but the highlight was seeing the scale model of the Old City from the time of the Second Temple. The detail was incredible and it was easy to imagine “being there”

Model of the Old City at the time of the Second TempleBethlehem from the Field of Boaz

“On Thursday Eric & I caught a tour bus into the West Bank for a visit to Bethlehem and the Field of Boaz. The tour ended in Manger Square with a visit to the Church of the Nativity.

Eric at "The Point of the Star"

“We flew home on Friday via Zurich tired but buzzing with some great memories. These are just the highlights of a wonderful trip and an historic event in the life of our Lodge. We hope to exchange more visits in the near future with Holy City Lodge and look forward to hosting them in Birmingham in 2017/8.”







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