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As an unusual way to help celebrate their 25th Anniversary, Shipston-on-Stour Lodge 9418 invited the infamous Black Country Heritage Lodge 9702 Demonstration Team to provide a special evening of masonic enjoyment.
This took place after the Master of Shipston-on-Stour, W Bro Michael Jeffries, had conducted the regular business and closed the Lodge, when the Demonstration Team took complete charge to perform the light hearted enactment of a ceremony of Initiation as it might have been carried out by Aynuk ‘n’ Ayli in the Black Country at the time of the Industrial Revolution.

The Demonstration Team, together with three “stooges” co-opted to participate 
The “werkings” are “interactive”, with anyone present being called upon at any time to take part in the proceedings. As was customary in those days, small fines for “indiscretions” were imposed instantly and to anyone (everyone!) with all proceeds going to the host lodge Charity Steward.
The sole aim of the 9 member team is to provide an evening of Masonic fun and enjoyment with a strong Masonic message, which was certainly well achieved and thoroughly appreciated by the 80 members and visitors present.
Further details about the Demonstration Team can be seen on their lodge website

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