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Life after the 3 degrees
Brethren and visitors of Lodge of Warwick 8011 - Life after the 3 degrees

In a packed lodge room at Alderson House, Warwick, members and visitors at the Lodge of Warwick 8011 enjoyed a very rare opportunity to see and take part in a colourful presentation of the many Orders of Freemasonry.

This was produced and delivered by W Bro Spencer Fenn, assisted by a large number of those present who had volunteered to don the regalia of more than twenty Orders and give a brief outline of the one they were representing. The Provincial leaders of all those Orders (or their senior colleagues) were also present, dressed in their own regalia.

A very interesting aspect of the presentation occured following the outline of each Order, when its leaders and members present were asked to stand. This indicated the significant involvement of many present, with just a few even standing on every single occasion!

Very well deserved thanks were given to Spencer for organising such a fascinating evening, and for producing the "Family Tree" showing the inter-relationship of each Order, a copy of which was given to everyone present.

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