Provincial Grand Lodge of Warwickshire

The Deputy Provincial Grand Master, VW Bro Michael Morris presided at the induction of W Bro Jamie Pike into the Master’s chair at St Philip’s Lodge 5580, and was joined by a host of senior Grand and Provincial officers, Masters and visitors from other lodges at St Philip’s’ new home in Knowle Masonic Centre. The lodge meets on a Wednesday morning at 11am, followed by lunch, which made the turnout even more impressive, with everyone present being treated to an excellent ceremony by the Installing Master, W Bro Mike Warner who celebrated his 81st birthday at his Installation in 2013 and had worked hard all summer to Install his successor in a splendid manner just days before his 82nd birthday.

St. Philip’s lodge was consecrated in 1935 and one of the founders is the grandfather of the current Director of Ceremonies, W Bro Robin Hart who was initiated into St. Philip’s by his father 50 years ago. Robin will be receiving his 50 year certificate in December 2014 and as a tribute to the dedication of three generations of his family, members of St Philip’s will be presenting an explanation of the Second Degree ceremony on his special day. This will be based around extracts from the book by the late W Bro Revd Neville Barker Cryer entitled "What Do You Know About Ritual - The Complete Masons Commentary", which the lodge believes will be the first time that this type of ceremony has been performed in the Province.

At their November 2014 meeting the lodge welcomed W Bro Dr Michael Grillage, winner of the Provincial Education and Development Committee competition for members  who have progressed to the Master’s chair, who gave a talk entitled "Through The Looking Glass - A History Of Anti Freemasonry" .

St. Philips also proudly boasts a full social diary, with members frequently getting together with their families and friends throughout the year outside the lodge. In Jamie’s year as Master this will include a fine dining experience at Simpsons Michelin starred restaurant, a canal trip under Dudley mine workings, a summer river cruise and evening meal along the scenic River Avon as well as Ladies Nights with the two other St Philip’s lodges in England and their own Ladies Informal at Knowle in May 2015.

Many other social events are planned and Freemasons from throughout the Province would be welcome to attend either the lodge meetings or social events. The best way to keep up to date is to follow their Facebook page at where lots of pictures can also be seen.

The lodge is one of just a few throughout the United Kingdom which meet on a weekday morning and  would heartily welcome newcomers to participate in its members’ enthusiasm for Freemasonry, as well as enjoying the brotherly affection that they and their families are lucky enough to share between themselves.

(l-r) W Bro Rod Burlton (Tyler), Bro Mike Fry (Senior Deacon), W Bro Peter Fry (Secretary), W Bro Mike Warner (Junior Warden/Almoner), W Bro Jamie Pike (Master), W Bro Neal Hewlett (Senior Warden), Bro Dave Reeves (Junior Deacon), W Bro Robin Hart (Director of Ceremonies), W Bro Gerry Logue (Inner Guard/Charity Steward), W Bro Peter Clarke (Chaplain/Treasurer)

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