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Adding to History

Aug 19 2013 1:28 PM

W Bro Bruce Littley JP was delighted, albeit at rather short notice, to install his son, W Bro Vernon Littley, into the chair of Thomas Harper Lodge 9612 with great sensitivity and feeling.

The common theme of Masonic collections provides a continual source of research papers presented in the Lodge since its inception in 1996, Thomas Harper having been a jeweller, furniture maker and signatory to the Articles of Union in 1813. The jewels Harper produced are much sought after, not least to be worn at Lodge meetings by collectors.

The Lodge draws its membership from all over the country, including members from East Lancashire, West Lancashire, Yorkshire West Riding, Somerset, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, Essex, Wiltshire, Worcestershire and, of course, Warwickshire.  They even can boast the Grand Orator, W Bro Kai Hughes, as their Assistant Secretary!  Consequently, the ritual performed is a wonderful mix and thus provides a splendid daily advancement.

(l-r) Vernon and Bruce Littley


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