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Action Replay at Freedom

Nov 29 2013 11:21 AM

When Provincial Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies W Bro Howard Smith agreed to become Master of the Lodge of Freedom 3914 for the second time round, he made it clear that he would seek support for the Lodge from wherever it might come. This proved particularly successful for the Lodge’s November 2013 meeting, which was attended by several visitors.

Howard had put word out that whilst all masons were of course welcome to come along and enjoy the initiation ceremony taking place at the Clarendon Suites, perhaps recently initiated members might like to see the ceremony once again, reminding them of their own experiences.

This resulted in visits from four Entered Apprentices including two from Worcestershire, all of whom were highly impressed by both the magnificent ceremony performed and the convivial festive board which followed, as were all the other visitors too.

(l-r) Muneeb Mirza & Aaran Matthews (Red Rose Lodge 7600), Richard Whitehouse (Candidate), Howard Smith,
       Marcus Brown (Lodge of Faith & Hope 4772), Raj Salan (Fraternity Lodge 4032)

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