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A Wright meeting for Rectitude!

A Wright meeting for Rectitude!

Apr 18 2012 7:11 PM

The Lodge of Rectitude 502 has celebrated what is believed to be for that lodge a unique ceremony in all its 168 years.

Bro Leon Wright was initiated by his father W Bro Paul Wright, with his grandfather W Bro Peter Wright acting as Junior Deacon.   The ceremony was concluded with the presentation of the Charge after Initiation given by the lodge’s octogenarian, W Bro Royston Haggett in his usual exemplary manner.   The ceremony was followed by an excellent festive board with some eighteen visitors supporting the Wright family, one of whom had travelled from the Isle of Man especially for the meeting.

Having three generations in a lodge is unusual although by no means rare but Bro Leon is a fourth generation mason as two of his great-grandfathers, W Bros Ernest Wright and Joe Darling were long time members of Stivichall Lodge 5799. Although not claimed to be unique, this is indeed a rare occurrence.

(l-r) Peter Wright, Leon Wright, Paul Wright 

An Update on Masonic Charities

An Update on Masonic Charities

Apr 18 2012 9:10 PM

Doric Lodge 4167 is hosting a special evening where the guest speaker is Provincial Grand Almoner W Bro Christopher Grove MBE.

His talk "An update on Masonic Charities" will be one of his last in that role before moving on to wider service with The Grand Charity in London.

All freemasons are welcome to attend the meeting, which will be held at The Clarendon Suites, Edgbaston on Friday 4th May 2012 at 6.00pm. The dining fee is £25 (includes pre-prandial drinks and wine with meal) and bookings can be made via W Bro Bill Roberts, tel: 01527 524794 email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Atmospheric Visit

Atmospheric Visit

Dec 19 2012 12:29 AM

As a regular visitor to the De Montfort Lodge 5155 which meets in the atmospheric Henley-in-Arden Guild Hall, Grand Officer W Bro Peter Britton was invited to present a Grand Lodge Certificate. Nothing unusual there, with the main event at the meeting being the Initiation of a new Brother.

Everyone present enjoyed an excellent Initiation ceremony, but what is unusual was Peter’s observation that it was watched and also thoroughly enjoyed by no less than three Entered Apprentices.  At its conclusion, there were therefore four EAs in the Lodge. In Peter’s early days, almost fifty years ago, two EAs was not an uncommon sight, three was rare but four, never in his experience.

To cap it all, the more 'senior' of the EAs presented the Working Tools to the new Initiate in a most competent manner. 

The only immediate issue which the most fortunate Worshipful Master can foresee is the need to conduct two double Passing ceremonies in the New Year, followed by or perhaps interspersed with one of the four Raising ceremonies!  With Installation in April 2013, at least two ceremonies will have to be carried over to the Lodge’s next season.

The atmospheric interior of Henley-in-Arden Guild Hall

Barnard Pipes In Christmas

Barnard Pipes In Christmas

Jan 4 2013 1:30 AM

The December meeting of Barnard Lodge 5100 saw the introduction of six joining members who the Master, W Bro Michael Squires, greeted warmly. He at the same time thanked W Bro Fred Ditchfield for all he had done to ensure the new members were made welcome, helping to secure the future of the Lodge.

The meeting was made all the more enjoyable by the inclusion of ladies, family and guests at the Festive Board, at a splendid festive evening. One of the joining members, Bro Peter Cound*, dressed in appropriate kilt and sporran, piped in the Worshipful Master and his Lady, Sandra, to a very memorable evening for all present.  Whilst the Lodge meeting took place, the Provincial Charity Steward W Bro John Hayward, entertained the Ladies with an explanation of Freemasonry Cares, and of the Masonic Charities, both National and Local. Judging from the questions which followed, his talk was well received.

Bro Niall Murphy, an experienced Charity Steward, dressed as Santa Claus, appealed for support of the charity CRY - Cardiac Relief for the Young - and the magnificent sum of £261 was raised. 

Carols were sung, gifts were bestowed, and Auld Lang Syne concluded a wonderful evening.

*Peter Cound is available to offer his piping skills to Lodges at their Festive Boards, New Year celebrations, Burns Nights etc in exchange for a small donation to charity. Needless to say, he always appreciates food and liquid refreshment following his labours! Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(l-r) Michael Squires, Peter Cound, Sandra Squires


Pat Ditchfield, John Hayward

Linda Hayward, Fred Ditchfield

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  • Pamela Phelps said

    I would like to add that the Ladies informal was most enjoyable at Barnard Lodge. With good food and good company and that I am very proud of my partner Peter Cound. Best wishes to all Pam Phelps

Bats for Cubs

Bats for Cubs

Jun 14 2012 8:23 PM

The Wilson Stuart Cub Pack, which is a pack especially for disabled youngsters based in Erdington, Birmingham, received a welcome visit from the Charity Steward for the Lodge of Faith and Hope 4772, W Bro Roger Chapman, who had presented them with £400 from the Warwickshire Masonic Charitable Association and a further £150 from the Lodge.

There were 12 cubs present and everyone had a great time playing games. The huge bats pictured were purchsed from the donations, and greatly excited the cubs as it was the first time ever that they were able to hit a ball with them.

Many of the youngsters are in wheelchairs, and all have severe disabilities. The Lodge has supported this group for many years, and will continue to do so, and is grateful for the Province's additional help.

Roger Chapman (centre) with a delighted Arkela and her Assistant


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