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Keeping it in the Family

Keeping it in the Family

Nov 18 2011 1:37 PM

At a recent meeting of Knowle Lodge 8001, Flight Lieutenant Iain Smith was initiated by his father W Bro Brian Smith, the Immediate Past Master of the Lodge.

(l-r) World War 2 RAF veterans Don Reynolds, Des Main, John Whiteley DFC and Ken Wilkinson with Iain Smith

The Working Tools were presented by a fellowcraft, his Uncle, Bro Norman Jewitt. The ceremony was attended by RW Bro David Macey, the Provincial Grand Master of Warwickshire.

(l-r) Brian Smith, Iain Smith and Norman Jewitt

Bro Iain Smith is a search and rescue helicopter pilot with the Royal Air Force and continues the Lodge connection with the RAF, as his seconder was former RAF Lancaster Bomber Pilot, W Bro John Whiteley DFC, PProvSGW, who celebrated his 50 years in Masonry and his 92nd birthday in 2010.

Lewis is now Master

Lewis is now Master

Nov 22 2011 5:49 PM

The new Master of the Lodge of Impartialty 5101 is Bro Peter Roy Bailey, who was initiated as a Lewis in 2004 aged 19 years. At his initiation his father W Bro SJ Bailey acted as Junior Deacon, his grandfather W Bro PJ Hodgson presented the Northeast corner and his godfather W Bro G Davis was in the chair.

Now 26, Peter has progressed through the lodge taking every office and has recently married his girlfriend Jenna, enjoying a honeymoon in the Maldives, hopefully without spending too much time on the little blue book!!

The installation ceremony was shared by the same three brethren who initiated him and the Lodge is one of the few in the Province of Warwickshire with three generations in its membership. It was presided over by the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, VW Bro Alan Wellan and attended by the Immediate Past Provincial Grand Master, RW Bro Michael Price CBE.

(l-r) PJ Hodgson, G Davis, Peter Bailey, SJ Bailey

Members and Visitors at Peter's Installation

Masons teach Beavers

Masons teach Beavers

Nov 18 2011 2:08 PM

The Beaver Colony in the Barford Scout Group contacted Shipston-on-Stour Lodge 9418 and as part of their activities to achieve their Community Badge asked how freemasons benefit the community through charitable works.

W Bros Steven Bailey, Jeremy Mallin and Robert Swain visited the group with a representative of the Lodge and gave a presentation to the audience of about 25 children with an age range of 6 to 15, together with two of their leaders. As a result of his own experience in Scouting, Jeremy was in particular very effective at communicating with the youngsters, who appeared to comprehend what was being said.

The presentation went very well, with the dialogue range pitching from the "Teddys for Loving Care" at the youngest to the Onaway Scout and Guide Group activities aimed at the older members.

Afterwards, the two leaders expressed an interest in attending the Lodge’s Ladies' Evening in November, to which they were cordially invited.

Neville Barker Cryer at Aston Manor

Neville Barker Cryer at Aston Manor

Nov 22 2011 5:53 PM

W Bro Bill Zygmant of Jephson Lodge 4336, who was a very well known Fleet Street photographer in the 1960's and who still enjoys considerable fame for his images, was amongst the visitors who attended Aston Manor Lodge 6323 to listen to well known masonic author and raconteuer W Bro Revd Neville Barker Cryer.

Neville's talk entitled 'A Walk Around Our Lodge Room' was extremely well received by all present at the meeting.  It was illuminating, informative, of great interest and with humorous interludes throughout.  Neville's style of presentation made the occasion all the better, with his enthusiasm for the subject along with his unsurpassed knowledge making listening to him highly enjoyable.  The talk was followed by a lively question and answer discussion which Neville handled with his usual skill, answering the questions fully and to everyone's satisfaction.

An extremely convivial festive board then followed which Neville enjoyed greatly, expressing his thanks to the staff in his inimitable fashion, and the whole night was an unqualified and enjoyable success.

Neville was hosted overnight by the Master of Aston Manor Lodge W Bro Simon Abel and his wife, and entertained one of their granddaughters (who was staying with them for a few days) over breakfast, before returning to York a little later in the morning.

Neville Barker Cryer (centre left) with Simon Abel (centre right) with various members and guests, photographed by Bill Zygmant

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  • Keith Shaw said

    It really was a Masonic treat and it was great pity more brethren didn't take up our invitation to join us on this Memorable occasion.

President Talks for England

President Talks for England

Nov 18 2011 2:11 PM

The Rugby Lions Rugby Club is under new ownership and has recently welcomed Neil Back (England no7 in the World Cup winning side of 2003) as Head Coach. They are top of their league and winning in style for the first time in some years.

In addition, members of the William Webb Ellis Lodge 9754 (named after the founder of the game) are very proud that their very own W Bro Michael Tarrant, who was Master in 2002, has agreed to step into the limelight as Club President.

A Lodge spokesman said, "now the Lions will be unstoppable, they have a world beating coach who played for England and a world beating President who can talk for England!"


Mike Tarrant

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