Provincial Grand Lodge of Warwickshire

Busy Year for WM

Nov 18 2011 1:34 PM

W Bro Paul Rowlands, Master of Charterhouse Lodge 5690, is having a very busy year, with 44 in attendance to see Bro Jason O'Neil at his initiation. Jason was the second candidate during Paul's year in the Chair, with a third to be initiated at an extra meeting being held by dispensation in April, and two more in the wings for next year. He is even contemplating a further extra meeting in May for a double passing, which would still leave a full programme for his successor!

Pictured are (l-r), front row, Bro Adam Sands (the son of the resident Steward at Coventry Masonic Hall, Bro David Sands who is currently Senior Deacon), Bro Jason O'Neil, Bro Bill Clisham (initiated in December) and Bro Martin Ney.


Both Adam and Martin will be raised in the current session. In the back row is W Bro Roger Parker (Assistant Provincial Grand Master), WM Paul Rowlands and the Lodge's Grand Officer W Bro Alex McDowall.

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