Provincial Grand Lodge of Warwickshire

Notes for guidance

Appointments to and Promotions in Provincial Grand Rank will be awarded on merit at the absolute discretion of the Provincial Grand Master.

It is imperative that Lodge Secretaries should arrange for the proper completion of the Provincial Yellow Form, which should then be handed to the Provincial Grand Master or other representative of the Province on Installation Night prior to its commencement.

The names of Brethren due for consideration according to Provincial records will have been entered on the Form by the Provincial Grand Registrar prior to its despatch. No other names of brethren are to be added by the Lodge Secretary. If a Lodge Secretary believes that the name of a Brother has been omitted, or a name has been entered incorrectly, he should make contact with the Provincial Grand Registrar before the Installation Night who, if appropriate, will supply an additional Form.

The Yellow Form must be considered and completed at a meeting of the Master, Past Masters and Officers. It is not permissible for one or two brethren, such as the senior Past Master and the Lodge Secretary, to complete the Form on their own.

The questions on the Form are designed to provide the maximum opportunity to enhance the Masonic Profile of the Brethren concerned. This is not a 'Confidential Form' and it is desirable that the Brethren being considered should attend the meeting and be aware of the contents.

If the Form is not completed in the correct manner the Provincial Grand Registrar will bring it to the attention of the Provincial Grand Master.

The Provincial Grand Master fully realises that it is not only those who perform in open Lodge who serve the Craft but also those Brethren who may be involved in charitable work, social events or organisation behind the scenes. It is suggested, therefore, that a Lodge may, in addition to the completion of the Form, prepare a full Masonic CV for the Brother being considered which covers every aspect from his leaving the chair or his last Promotion - which could be a period of 6 to 7 years. It is imperative that the Brethren concerned are shown this CV before the Installation Night.

The Provincial Grand Registrar, can be contacted on 0121 454 4422. He may also be seen by appointment at Provincial Grand Lodge of Warwickshire, Yenton Assembly Rooms, 73 Gravelly Hill North, Erdington , Birmingham B23 6BJ.

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