Provincial Grand Lodge of Warwickshire

Knight Templar PriestsThe Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests and Order of Holy Wisdom is governed by the Grand College of England and is a Christian Masonic Order.

To be considered for membership of this deeply significant Order, you MUST be a subscribing member of the following Masonic bodies:-

  1. a Craft Lodge
  2. a Royal Arch Chapter
  3. a Knights Templar Preceptory

You MUST also

  1. be a Master Mason of three years standing
  2. profess the Trinitarian Christian Faith

The Order, in its modern form, did not set out to be deliberately exclusive, but the thirty one Appendant Degrees each have their own ceremonial working and it was determined, by the Founders, that a Mason needed to be of a certain standing and qualification within Freemasonry to comprehend and appreciate these especial degrees.

In order to find contact details for Knight Templar Priests, please refer to the yearbook.


  • Mercia No 10 - Handsworth, Birmingham
  • Bromsgrove No 42 - Bromsgrove
  • Warwickshire No 44 - Coventry
  • Rocheberie No 80 - Rugby
  • St Alphege No 128 - Knowle, Solihull
  • Holy Grail No 246 - Guy’s Cliffe, Warwick
  • Heart of England No 256 - Knowle, Solihull

Contact Us

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Warwickshire
Yenton Assembly Rooms
73, Gravelly Hill North, Erdington
Birmingham B23 6BJ


For Masonic enquiries:
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Tel: 0121 454 4422

The United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) is the governing body for freemasons within England and Wales and districts overseas.