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Mike Hailwood Lodge Newsletter - May '17


    Wednesday, 3 May 17                  Lodge newsletter 2

IPM Andy Hare, Secretary Richard Bache, Treasurer David Humphries and W.M. Colin Fox enjoying the “Cinderella Club” at Hoar Park on Wednesday mornings.

Cinderella Club
Cinderella Club

Visit to 1804 Coborn Lodge, in Chingford Essex, by Jon Pitt and Richard Bache, installing the new master, full details below…

Visit to Coborn

Regular social activities-

Hoar Park Garden Centre just outside Nuneaton hosts a regular get together on Wednesday mornings a plethora of Classic vehicles from buses to motorcycles. There is a good café on site, and as such is a great place to visit and have a natter and look at the vehicles.

If possible you could then ride across country to Mallory Park on the Wednesday afternoon to watch practice sessions used by all classes of racing motorcycles up to and including British Superbike. Last year admission was a couple of quid for which you get full access to all areas, and there is a good café on site and in the paddock.

Any more suggestions will be gratefully received , please send to either myself pitternator or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Coborn Lodge 1804 Visit Easter Saturday April 15 2017

It has become an informal custom within our lodge to attend the April Installation meeting of this lodge since its “rebirth” as a motorcycle lodge in 2014. We wanted to support them in their growth and as a show of thanks for their regular visits to us. Whilst not the most enthralling ride on Britain’s motorways to get there, we have always received a warm welcome, seen excellent ceremonies and enjoyed their ritual and style at the festive board, Which is an “all day breakfast!”

The ride down was quiet being Easter Saturday, and after a few attempts we found the “ride in” meeting point just off the M25. There were 17 “Brothers on Bikes”, all masons, and a column was duly formed, with myself and Richard at the rear. We were convoyed through some very nice woodland roads where cars dutifully gave us way so we could all keep together, and arrived at the Chingford Lodge rooms which are very conveniently located on the edge of town.

The ceremony was indeed very moving as I had met Chris Cox the IPM, in previous years and he was a “larger than life” figure, who sadly passed to the Grand Lodge above earlier this year, he will be dearly missed by the lodge brethren. A Lodge of Sorrow was called on and Chris’s trademark Cowboy hat was solemnly paraded through the lodge. All the brethren paid their respects in dignified fashion, by personal reflections in silence, and I for one felt uplifted by such brotherhood. The rest of the installation passed well and I wish their new W.Master a very happy year. (The breakfast was as good as ever!)

I shall look forward to our return in 2018 if not before. It would be great to get a healthy contingent for the return. All members are welcome to join us for the next visit.

Coborn Lodge

Last Weekend’s Bike4Life Charity Run in aid of Midland Air Ambulance from Shrewsbury to RAF Cosford was supported by 7,500 bikers, including our Secretary!

Dates for your diary

May 06/05/17-07/05/17

Donington Park lodge stand, with bikes, 6 passes for each day, contact IPM for these, first come, first served.

Consecration of a new motorcycle lodge at Southampton.

12/05/17 13/05/17. Mike Adams Old Ben Lodge. 25th Anniversary.

20/05/17 Provincial Grand Lodge at Great Queen Street, to support Paul Vernon on gaining his Provincial Rank.

21/05/17 Classic 300 Festival at Windsor Castle, with the Grand Master.

25/05/17 W.Bro Howard Davis is being installed in the chair of his London lodge, please contact secretary for details ASAP.

03/06/17 Regular MHL Meeting, with the raising of Vincent Potter.

24/06/17 Tercentenary celebrations at Weston Park.

15/07/17 Isle of Man TT Lodge Installation.

15/09/17 W.M. Ladies Festival Isle of Man.

23/09/17 Rugby Tercentenary meeting, Hailwood and other Rugby Lodges at Laurence Sheriffe School.


(March – April 2017)

Lodge No. Lodge March April May
9420 Compass Rose 28th   23rd
5727 Composite 21st 18th 16th
5945 Darell 22nd 26th 24th
6442 Dunsmore 10th 14th 12th
8959 Eastfields 1st 5th 3rd
9737 Griffin I.M.   27th  
3497 Laurence Sheriffe 25th 27th 25th
9839 Mike Hailwood 11th    
502 Rectitude 14th 11th 9th
4118 Rokeby 3rd 7th 5th
9754 William Webb Ell      

(Please note Easter Day is Sunday, April 16th.)

Please Contact our Secretary for details for any brethren wishing to visit any of the above Lodges.


Hot news for May is the Mike Hailwood stand at Donington Park Classic Bike Endurance Races on 5th, 6th and 7th May 2017. We need six Brethren to help out and, ideally, bring a motorcycle for the stand. I shall try to cover Saturday and Sunday with my trusty Fazer 1000. Please contact Andy Hare for free passes and tickets (for the 6 helpers only).

Then it’s two visits to other lodges with our WM, Friday 12th May to the Consecration of new Motor Cycle Lodge in Hampshire, closely followed by a Ride to Old Ben Lodge in Shrewsbury on Saturday 13th May to support the father of our Lodge, Mike Adams. I do know a pleasant ride back if anyone fancies it! Both these visits are ideal opportunities to participate in the social side of the Lodge with a Masonic purpose!

Later in the month there is a visit to Grand Lodge where Paul Vernon will be getting his first Provincial Promotion. Andy Hare will be taking part in the Classic 300 Festival the next day in Windsor. Finally, Brother Howard Davis is being installed in the Chair of his London Lodge on 25th May.


Looking ahead to June . . . .

3rd June

Is the raising of Brother Vincent Potter. We have had a good response and several Past Masters are assisting in the ceremony. We look forward to seeing Vincent’s progress furthering his Masonic career.

Sadly, I shall not be able to attend this meeting, but wish you all well. I shall be attending the Motor Cycle Lodge meeting (Tu Felix) in Austria in Innsbruck as part of a week-long bike trip to Austria, back through the Swiss and French Alps.   This could be the start of a potential relationship with a foreign Lodge! I will give a report in the next News Letter and, of course, at the following Officer’s Meeting.

24th June  - M FEST at Weston Park

Much has already been said about this event. I am thinking of hosting a Ride Out on either Saturday or Sunday to visit what looks like a great day out, if you fancy going for a day only. Please let Richard know if you would like to come along. I shall send out another News Letter before M FEST to cover this event and set out activities for the summer and into September.

Lastly the riding season is now well with us and once more I call upon you for any ride out suggestions which we can publish to all Brethren.

Yours sincerely and fraternally

Jon Pitt


Masonic Trout & Salmon Fishing Charity


The Masonic Trout & Salmon Fishing Charity, founded in 1998, currently has 32 areas, including Warwickshire. The charity’s catchphrase is “Catching the Smile”, and its aim is to bring an interactive fishing and countryside experience to people with special needs. It achieves this by running fishing events, both coarse and fly, at various fisheries and inviting participants from special needs schools, centres, and people who have suffered trauma to come and join in the fun. The charity is completely run by volunteers, is non-profit making, and you do not have to be a Freemason or a Fisherman to take part in the activities.

The latest newsletter can be found here and the website is

The Warwickshire Masonic Charitable Association is proud to be a sponsor of the MTSFC.



Come and meet the Freemasons of Guy's Cliffe

Guy's Cliffe Open Day

Saturday 6th May 2017

10am to 2pm

Open to everyone


On Saturday 6th May 2017, from 10.00am until 2.00pm the Freemasons of Guys Cliffe are having an open day to offer those interested an opportunity to meet and talk to some of the Masons who meet at the masonic rooms. This will be a wonderful opportunity to ask questions, hear about what the Masons do and learn about the 300th anniversary of Freemasonry which is 2017.

Guy's Cliffe

Guys Cliffe house is a property purchase by the Freemasons after a fire in 1992. The Chapel, which was not destroyed in the fire, is used as the meeting place for several Freemasons lodges. The stewardship and maintenance of the house is an important part the work that we do as conservators of national heritage. Areas of the property including the chapel, parts of which are 13th century, will be open for public access during the open day.


Guys Cliffe house is located on the A429 roughly 1 mile from the centre of Warwick the driveway is located directly opposite to Hintons nursery, the post code for satellite navigation is CV34 5YD.


Calling all Coarse Fishermen of the Province


The Warwickshire Branch of the Masonic Fishing Charity (MTSFC)
needs your help,

We have been calling on the fly fishing masons of the Province and their friends for many years to take disadvantaged children for a day’s fishing and they have responded magnificently. This year, we are running a coarse fishing event for the first time and we need your help.

The event is taking place on Thursday 1st June 2017 at Broad Acres Fishery, near Hanbury, Worcs. (yes, it’s over the border)

If you would like to come for the day and help a child to ‘Catch a Smile’ ©

Please contact the Secretary or myself as soon as possible so we can get you registered at no cost to yourself.

If you would like a taster of what we do, there is a joint event between ourselves and the Worcestershire branch on Monday 6th May

Event Organiser - Ian Hart – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Secretary – Nigel Bullimore            
Warwickshire Chairman – David F Macey, PGM

The Alderson Family History Society visit to Alderson House

Visit of the Alderson Family History Society to Warwick Masonic Rooms – Alderson House

On Wednesday 26th April 40 members of the Alderson Family History Society visited Warwick Masonic Rooms, Alderson House, 23 High Street, Warwick led by the Secretary of the society, Godfrey Alderson from Harrogate.

The Society exists to promote the Alderson family name and explore its history and genealogical lines. At least once a year they make a visit to a place or region which has strong connections with the name Alderson and chose Alderson House as a venue having recently discovered the family connection with Warwick and Freemasonry.

W Bro Frank Collier from Greville Lodge No 4773 and Archivist of the rooms gave an illustrated talk about the history of the building and the life and Masonic career of Gerald Graham Alderson FRCS. Gerald Alderson was a Past Senior Grand Warden and Past Deputy Provincial Grand Master of Warwickshire, and it was after him that the rooms were named in 1961. The talk was followed by a conducted tour of the building.

The Alderson Family History Society on the steps of Alderson House – Georgina Alderson is at the front right with her mother Barbara and father Jeffrey to her left.

Present with the group was Jeffery Alderson, the son of W Bro Gerald Alderson. He was accompanied by his wife Barbara and daughter Georgia. Jeffery was pleased to visit the rooms and learn more about his father’s Masonic activities. He was able to give W Bro Frank some additional information about his father, that in addition to being a Mason he was a Member of the Guild of Plumbers. He was also a Freeman of the City of Newcastle upon Tyne, an honour since conferred on Jeffery and his daughter.

Jeffrey Alderson standing with a portrait of his late father, W Bro Gerald G Alderson.

The morning was organised by W Bro Peter Round, Steward of the Rooms who provided the group with a superb buffet prior to them leaving for a guided tour of the town.

Frank Collier
Secretary and Communications officer
Greville Lodge 4773


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