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Serendipity* Rules

University of Birmingham LodgeThe recent happy meeting of a member of The University of Birmingham Lodge No 5628, and a preceptor of the General Lodge of Instruction (GLoI) No 587 has led to a remarkable event in the Warwickshire Calendar – A Triple Passing.

The GLoI [a ‘’Recognised’’ Lodge of Instruction by The Emulation Lodge of improvement, London] has been invited to take the Principal Offices for the ceremony, and this will be at Severn Street Meeting Rooms on Saturday 11th March opening at 10.30 am followed by a Lunchtime Festive Board.

It must be acknowledged that this conjunction of events is unusual and is worth coming along to see, and getting up for on a Saturday morning even if you cannot stop for the Festive Board.

The extensive spread of University members has led to this invitation and we hope to see as many supporting the meeting as are able.

For further information please contact :

*Concise OED ‘The occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy and beneficial way’
 Origin 1754 coined by Horatio Walpole 4th Earl of Orford aka Horace Walpole


St Blaise donates a further £1200 to the Children's Hospital

On 24th February, the Immediate Past master, W Bro Peter Woodfield, of the Lodge of St Blaise visited the Diana, Princess of Wales Children's Hospital in Birmingham to donate money raised by the Lodge and its supporters during his year. The money will go to help in the complete renovation and relocation of the Oncology department. Whilst he was there, Anna from the hospital gave a tour of all the amazing facilities. The hospital is available for children from all over the country and includes a marvelous chapel, with some beautiful stained glass, a hidden mystery indeed.

Stained Glass Window at BCH
Stained Glass Window at BCH

Pete Woodfield commented. "I was accompanied by my camera shy camera man, Lodge Charity Steward, Martin Fowkes.  Of the £1,200 donated to the hospital £200 was donated by other lodges and orders of the Sutton Coldfield Masonic Hall in response to the Christmas decorations put up by my daughter Karen and myself at the Lodge rooms."

W Bro Pete Woodfield presenting a cheques for £1200 to Birmingham Children's Hospital.

This is the second donation from Pete Woodfield to this Charity in less than a year.  On Monday 16th May 2016, as Worshipful Master of the Lodge, W Bro Pete Woodfield presented a cheque for £1,100 to Vikki King and other nursing staff in Ward 15 Cancer Unit at Birmingham Children's Hospital.  He was accompanied by the Charity Steward, W Bro John Morrison and the Senior Warden W Bro Jonathan Amies.  This money had been raised from the Ladies Night held in April 2016.

W Bro Pete Woodfield presented a cheque of £1,100 to Birmingham Children's Hospital


A Special Day for a Special Brother

It was with very mixed emotions that a presentation took place on Friday 17th February 2017. This was to W Bro Malcolm J Wright, Past Provincial Senior Grand Warden and a holder of the Certificate of Merit.

Two members of The General Lodge of Instruction (GLoI), No 587 visited Malcolm at his home in Hockley Heath to present a plaque in memory of his support and attendances as Senior Preceptor over many years at the GLoI.

Plaque presented to W Bro Wright
Plaque presented to W Bro Wright

This had been handmade by W Bro Ron Walker of The Lodge of Justice, No 5092 and the picture of the gift above, bears the words:

‘’In Grateful Appreciation to W Bro Malcolm Wright for his support of The General Lodge No. 587 from members past and present ‘’.

The pleasure of the visit was tempered by Malcolm’s inability to attend lodge for the foreseeable future, due to failing health.

Malcolm is approaching 80 years of age, and lives quietly with his wife Judith who arranged and took the photos with expertise.

It is not widely known that Malcolm holds The Silver Matchbox – A Complete Record of all 4 ceremonies, presented by The Emulation Lodge of Improvement for working a Ceremony from the Chair,“without standing in need of prompting or correction”. Subsequent Ceremonies worked as such, get a ‘Scratch’ and the additional engraving then says A Complete Record.No mistakes are permitted in either words or actions, and amazingly only slightly over 120 complete records have been achieved since 1897, to the present day. So Malcolm really is a Special Brother.

Two members of the GLoI presenting the plaque
Two members of the GLoI presenting the plaque

Once it had been suggested that a memento gift be commissioned, the exact style and form was left to W Bro Walker and judging by the emotional way it was received, it certainly ‘hit the spot’.

The donations were oversubscribed in a very short time, and W Bro David Fair [Treasurer], holds the balance in the account to be allocated in the fullness of time.

Thanks from the GLoI membership go to all who supported the call for money. Really today was symbolically from The Craft in general, and Warwickshire Masons who have benefitted from Malcolm’s efforts to pass on the enjoyment of the ritual in particular.

Further information may be had by contacting the Secretary or Treasurer of The GLoI.

Secretary, Geoffrey Stevens: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
TReasurer, David Fair: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


A daily advancement at the Lodge of Justice

Lodge of Justice
Lodge of Justice
The Lodge of Justice, 5092 cordially invites Brethren to a special event next Wednesday 15th February 2017 at Severn Street Rooms to hear a talk by The Prestonian Lecturer 2006 on The Victoria Cross as applicable to Masons. This will be given by W Bro Granville Angell MEd BSc BA Royal Navy (Retired) and we are proud to present an evening of Daily Advancement.

Car parking code will be advised on receipt of confirmation of attendance. Suggest arrival 5.30pm for 6pm opening.

Menu [£22] for the Festive Board is as follows:

  • Cheese & Chive Potato Skins
  • Roast Topside of Beef
  • Treacle Sponge with Custard

Please advise if you have any special dietary requirements.

For Attendance and Dining please contact:

W Bro Geoffrey Stevens LGR, PPSGD (Secretary, Lodge of Justice, No 5092) - Tel: 07709 996787

or Bro T O Haynes - Tel:07463 878019

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Call to arms brethren - come and visit the Loyal Travellers!

W Bro Mike Perrott welcomes Visiting Officer W Bro Barrie Ratcliffe
W Bro Mike Perrott welcomes Visiting Officer W Bro Barrie Ratcliffe
The scene is set, bow ties are on and the Loyal Travellers have just completed a sumptuous 4 course dining bonanza with our 20 visitors. Forty-five brethren sit in anticipation of the forthcoming speech as the Junior Warden, Brother Andrew Irving, takes to the dining room floor to give what has become a highlight of the evening … the visitors’ speech. The visitors were greeted by the Brethren in great Loyal Travellers’ tradition warmly, genuinely and sincerely as, led by the words of our Junior Warden, everyone reflected on the evening’s work.

Casting our minds back just two hours previously, we realise that Past Masters night is something special at Loyal Travellers lodge when once a year the Past Masters provide a tantalising treat of Masonic ritual, wittiness and word perfect demonstration. Tonight the ‘A Team’ of Past Masters had to be operating at their very best for the forthcoming ceremony of Raising.

As the first of three Masters took the chair good humour was established from the outset. A ripple of expectation ensued as the Provincial Grand Master took the role of Junior Deacon watched carefully (and noted for future reference!) by the Visiting Officer W Bro Barrie Ratcliffe. As the degrees passed two further WMs took the Chair with their unique style, both demonstrating enviable standards as they raised Bro Paul Bannister to the Third Degree.

W Bro Alan Smith wins a bottle of Laphroaig whisky.
W Bro Alan Smith wins a bottle of Laphroaig whisky.
Ritual complete, salutes and ceremony over; the Brethren retired to the dining room where the festivities continued.

And here we return to where we began each with a glass in hand as Brother Andrew concludes his speech to reflect the sentiment of our lodge:

“Brethren, you enter our lodge as our visitors, but you leave as our friends”.

Brother Freemasons, I invite you to come and break bread with the brethren of Loyal Travellers, for we can assure you of a fantastic evening, in and out of the lodge room, and a night to remember. So why not come along to the next meeting on Saturday 18th February at 5pm when we shall install Bro Dr Andrew Hardie as our new Master, you will be made very welcome.

Bro Simon Bennett

Loyal Travellers 2733 meet on the third Saturday of the month at Knowle Masonic Centre normally around 5pm. To receive a summons feel free to contact our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or through our website.



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