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“Why have we got to do a plan – we’ve always done it this way”

Driving with our hands off the wheel? Sleep walking towards extinction?  For decades we have been watching membership decline and wondering why the organisation that we cherish is dying before our eyes. Recently UGLE has appointed the Membership Focus Group to look into the problem and to suggest ways in which the trend might be reversed. But is it too late?  And will the initiatives they recommend be radical enough to halt the decline? Indeed, will the MFG identify the real reasons behind the decline in membership?

We are not talking about a ‘blip’ here – this sickness is chronic and epidemic. The membership of our Constitution has been in continuous decline for over fifty years.
In such circumstances there are three possible courses of action:

  1. We can change direction
  2. We can do nothing and hope for the best
  3. We can convince ourselves that we’d rather die than change.

Surely, option 1 is the right and proper way to go, however uncomfortable the thought of change might be. In order to effect the necessary changes, we have to plan the way forward. If we fail to plan, we plan to fail. Brethren, the future of your Lodge is in your hands – let’s work together to ensure the future of Freemasonry.

Presentations and documents from the Attraction and Retention workshops

The links below allow you to view and download the presentation delivered at the workshop in either PDF or the original PowerPoint format:

These links allow you to download the template three year plan in either PDF or the original Word format:



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