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Faith and Hope for Disabled Cubs

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May 24 2013 12:27 AM

The Lodge of Faith and Hope 4772 has continued its many years' support for the Wilson Stuart Disabled Cub Pack, with the Warwickshire Masonic Charitable Association once again providing additional funds. 

Pictured is the Lodge Charity Steward, W Bro Roger Chapman, with Arkela and Baloo (the Leaders of the Pack), which is based in Erdington, Birmingham, after presenting them with £700 (£500 from the Province and a further £200 from the Lodge).  W Bro John Hayward, the Provincial Charity Steward accompanied Roger on this occasion - both are members of the Lodge of Faith and Hope. 

All of the Cubs are disabled, some mentally, some physically, and some sadly both. The money presented will enable them to provide uniforms, badges and equipment suitable for their disabled members.

Sue and Kath were absolutely delighted with the cheques Roger and John presented. They cannot believe how well they have been supported by Warwickshire Freemasonry, and offered their thanks to both the Lodge and the Province.  A token of appreciation was presented to both for their support (pictured).   

After taking part in their activities and games, Roger and John left the happy group, with great admiration for the dedication that support for these unfortunate youngsters thoroughly deserve.

(l-r) Roger Chapman, Arkela (Sue), Baloo (Kath), John Hayward

The token of appreciation, with a thank you message from Chief Scout Bear Grylls

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